Towels with Pockets

In many cases, finding the ideal beach towels can seem like a challenge – but we often overlook the opportunities that towels could offer. With this thought in mind, here at BeachTech, we knew we could make a change and do things a little bit differently; that’s why we took it upon ourselves to revolutionize the humble towel design with our fabulous pocketed design. Each of our towels with pockets features a handy water resistantpocket that makes it easy to bring all your belongings with you during your time at the beach. What’s more, we never compromise on the material, so you’ll still enjoy all of the great benefits of our original high-performance towel deisgns – with the extra added value of a nifty pocket!

Changing UV Sensor

Keep your kids safe with
BeahTech's Color Changing UV Sensors
- White: No/Low Rist
- Pale Violet: Mild Risk
- Medium Violet: Medium Risk
- Dark Violet: High Risk


Recycled cotton prevents additional textile waste and requires far fewer resources than conventional or organic cotton. This makes it a great sustainable option.