There’s so much to love about a beach trip, especially when the weather turns warm and the sun comes out! However, in many cases, finding the ideal beach towels can be hard to do; all too many towels are either unsuitable materials for use on the beach. Or otherwise, many don’t do what they’re meant to do – absorb water and keep you dry! Luckily, we knew we could change this, which is why our collection of stunning high-performance beach towels is designed with you in mind. Stunning beach-friendly designs that are both fast drying and super absorbent are what make our gorgeous towels so practical for any beach visit – solie back, relax, and enjoy the warm weather. Our beach towels have you covered, regardless of whether you’re taking a dip in the sea or simply soaking up the sun!


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Changing UV Sensor

Keep your kids safe with
BeahTech's Color Changing UV Sensors
- White: No/Low Rist
- Pale Violet: Mild Risk
- Medium Violet: Medium Risk
- Dark Violet: High Risk


Recycled cotton prevents additional textile waste and requires far fewer resources than conventional or organic cotton. This makes it a great sustainable option.